Alkaline Hydrolysis - the gentle form of cremation

San Diego NeighborhoodVet now works with a company that offers aquamation. 

Aquamation is a process also known as alkaline hydrolysis. Aquamation uses the peaceful flow of water, warm temperatures and alkali to mimic the natural decomposition of tissue that occurs after burial. In nature, this process can take years, but with the advancement in the aquamation technology, this process now takes less than 18 hours. 

This process involves a trained technician. The technician will combine warm water and a small amount of alkali to wash over the body. After 18 hours or less the components of your pets body will be returned to water as a nutrient rich effluent and only bone ash will remain. If desired, the mineral ash of the bone will be returned to you. The nutrient rich effluent will be returned to the environment. 

The services we offer are listed below.

Transition and transportation: 
We welcome you to bring your pet to our after care facility located at 4888 Ronson 
Ct. Suite J San Diego Ca 92111. We are also available to pick your pet up at your home or the veterinary clinic of your choice. We use stretchers and blankets during transportation. We ensure that your pet will be treated with respect and dignity from the moment we arrive. 

Private aquamation:
Your pet will be privately aquamated. Their ash will be returned to you in a beautiful biodegradable scattering vessel. A clay impression of their paw will also be returned to you. Alternative urn options are available upon request. 

Communal aquamation:
Your pet will be respectfully aquamated and the remaining ash will be personally scattered at sea by a member of our staff.

For prices please call, 858-249-8707