Thankful Notes

Thanksgiving is around the corner! And while this national holiday is often marked with larger than life meals and loads of family time, the day represents more than just stuffing and pumpkin pies. Thanksgiving gives us a weekend to slow down and reflect on what we are grateful for.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that eating, napping and watching the DVR of the National Dog Show (which airs the 16th!) are on my immediate ‘to-do’ list for the day of. But I do also plan on taking a moment to reflect on everything I have to be grateful for this year. 

As a veterinarian, I am particularly grateful for the animals in my life. Not only do the animals in my life keep me employed, but they make me genuinely happy. I get to wake up everyday and go to work with animals! So fun! They reduce my stress. I never feel judged by them. And above all, they crack me up. 

So before we all settle into a day of football, familial disagreements (we’ve all got ‘em) and food comas, I ask you check out some of the sweet, hilarious and heartfelt reasons some of my family and friends are grateful for the animals in their life. 

If you have a moment - please let us know why you are grateful for your four legged companions. We will be posting these sentiments all month long on our instagram page @sandiegoneighborhoodvet if you want to check them out!

I am extremely thankful for our rescue lab Sydney because she constantly shows us how happy she is to be with us.

  Rich D.

I’m grateful for Polly every single day. There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day and being greeted with so much excitement! It sounds corny but she gave me a whole new purpose in life!

 Kaitlin N. 

Having dogs who can’t wait for me to sit down and take a pause in my day to just be with them brings more to my life than I realize I think.  I’m am so grateful for these little fur balls that Greet me upon arrival and say goodby when I leave.  

 Rachel H.

I’m so thankful for my rescue lab.  She is a comfort dog in the truest sense of the word.

  Joan D.

I’m thankful for my dog Floyd because he always knows when I need an 80 pound full body hug. I’m thankful for my dog jagger because he shows me exactly what unconditional love feels like. I’m thankful for my cat Marley because his purr is one of the most soothing sounds after a stressful day.

 Elizabeth P. 

I am thankful for Chippy being my buddy for over a decade, never once complaining for the lack of yard to pee on or carpet to sleep on. Whether he is running for his life from the kiddos chasing him, or sneaking on the couch for a rest before we see him, he is a source of love and protection our family appreciates. He is a Good Boy. 

 Aaron D. 

My dogs, Grizzwald and Henry Beans, have made me realize that a daily walk with my husband and dogs is more important than a clean house. Plus their bodies are covered in angel fuzz and their ear flaps feel like velvet. For these reasons and so many more I am thankful.

 Katy F. 

I’m am thankful for my pets because each one of them shows me love and appreciation in their own way, and that makes everyday with them special. Furry cuddles are great too.

 Janell G. 

I am grateful for Jojo because she makes us laugh, makes my kids happy and is housebroken!

 Sandi D.