Covid-19 Update

What I wouldn’t do to hug you, sit on your couch, and give belly rubs to those sweet pets of yours! During these unfortunate times, I find comfort in thinking about all of my beloved patients, and I hope everyone is well and happy. 


As a concierge veterinary practice, we have taken great pride in our ability to maintain close relationships with our pet parents by providing services in your home. The current environment surrounding COVID-19 is forcing some changes to our mobile concierge practice. For our safety and yours, we no longer recommend routine health and wellness visits in your home. 


What does this mean? All routine exams, annual blood work, yearly vaccines, and more will all need to be seen at a brick and mortar veterinary clinic. 


Brick and mortar veterinary clinics are more equipped to see patients for routine health checks while maintaining social distancing. These clinics will be able to do curbside pick up of your pet, maintain proper personal protection with medical equipment, and clean surfaces thoroughly in between patient exams and procedures. I have complete faith in the ability of my veterinary peers to keep you and your pets safe during these times. 


San Diego Neighborhood Vet will continue to see patients for palliative and end-of-life care. These two services can often be provided in open-air environments and with medical equipment that maintains the proper social distance. Please visit our website at to see the details regarding these services. 


I will be available over the next few weeks to wrap up any loose ends regarding current medical treatment plans. I will personally help every single one of you find the best brick and mortar veterinarian for your pet. Medical records can be sent to any of you or the veterinarian of your choice. 


Although these changes are considered temporary, I firmly believe that the changes we are experiencing to our daily routine will be here to stay until a safe and reliable vaccine can be made and or herd immunity is achieved. To the best of my medical knowledge, safe and reliable vaccines take 18-24 months to formulate, test with clinical trials, and obtain FDA approval. I hope to resume wellness care in the future, as seeing my patients for health and wellness care is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. 

This was a tremendously difficult decision to make. As many of you know, I have two small children and immunocompromised adults in my life. I need to ensure their safety as well as not potentially spread anything to you.