Eden Reforestation Projects



Eden Reforestation Projects is a California based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that plants millions of trees every year on behalf of donors including NeighborhoodVet.

Together, our two companies have a shared mission to recreate healthy forest systems that help endangered species and restore hope for economies and communities around the world. 

For every pet that has passed under our care, we will donate a tree in honor of that pet.


Trees planted-to-date by San Diego Neighborhood Vet


Plant a tree in honor of your pet.

Instructions: If you would like to request that a tree is planted in honor of a pet, please fill out the form. Include the donor's name (if different from the recipient), pet's name, first and last name of the person receiving the certificate, the recipient's mailing address, and their email address. 

There is no cost to you for this tree.

A personalized card and Certificate of Authenticity will be sent to the name and address listed.

For more information on Eden Reforestation Projects & to watch a cool video:

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